RIB Boat Ocean Safari

Starting from: Ísafjörður
Season: Cruise days
Duration: 2 hours
Min 6 pax, Max 12 pax

A RIB boat adventure from Isafjörður. The captain takes you on an adventure into the fjords of Isafjardardjup and sails around Vigur bird Island. Possibilities to see whales, seals and different species of birds, including the puffin. 

Daily departures on request from 1st May-30th September (min 6/max 12 participants).
From 15th July-15th August there is a fixed departure at 11:00 for a min of 2 participants.

Adults: 16900 ISK
Kids (4-12 years old): 11900 ISK

A guided RIB boat tour of abut 2 hours from Isafjörður. Sail amidst the beautiful fjord landscape of Isafjardardjup, look out for the birds and wildlife in the bay, circle Vigur the bird Island and enjoy the RIB boat adventure.

The highlight of this tour is the breathtaking scenery and if you get lucky you will see a variety of birds including the puffin, seals and even whales!

The ride on this tour can be bumpy when it's windy.


- A 2 hour guided RIB boat tour

- Overalls and life jackets

To bring:

- It can get cold once out on the sea, so we recommend wearing warm footwear and gloves to complement the warm overalls that you will receive.