Westfjords Fox Watching



• Observe the arctic fox in its natural habitat
• Learn more about its life, behaviour and habitat from a experienced local guide

5-7 hours
6 years
1-5 people

Spend the day observing wild foxes in an unprotected environment.

The area around Isafjordur, especially the Isafjordur Bay, offers some of the best opportunities to see the arctic fox in its natural habitat. More so than Hornstrandir where the fox is not hunted and sees man as a source of food.

Your tour starts with a 1.5-2 hour walk to places frequented by the fox or where it is known that they have a den. Your guide will tell you about the fox’s life, behaviour and habitat. Once you know more about its vision, sense of smell and mode of protection; you will know how to approach it.

This is a private small group experience, also suitable to photographers. Your guide will teach you to camouflage and maximise your chance of getting great photos.

Please note
The arctic fox is a wild animal so we cannot guarantee that you will see them. However, we will try our best and irrespective, it will be a great day out in the nature.

This is a private tour and the price starts from 100,000 ISK for a guided tour without pick-up.

The tour duration varies between 5-7 hours based on the location, fox activity, speed of the group and weather conditions.

Availability depends mostly on the boat schedule so let us know if you are flexible with the date.

Preparation for the Tour

• Comfortable walking shoes
• Warm clothes suitable for Icelandic weather and in camouflage if possible – dark or green clothes in the summer, white clothes in the winter
• Lunch pack and water bottle
• Binoculars, if possible
• Camera (with a good zoom lens) if you would like to take photos


• Guided tour

Not Included

• Lunch pack and water bottle

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