Senderismo por los Fiordos Perdidos de Hornstrandir

Atracciones principales

At the coastline, the relentless power of the ocean has moulded towering sea cliffs, richly populated by birds. Many of the alcoves and scurries of the coast are home to an abundance of seals. Inland the crawling glaciers of the last ice age have hewn ancient mountain passes and lakes into the rugged peninsula and there the Arctic Fox wanders in its natural environment.

The Lost Fjords trip is a full-on backpacking trip where we are self-sufficient, carrying our equipment and sleeping in our own tents along the way.

Participants need to be able to carry their personal gear and part of the group’s gear for three days. We get resupplied with food mid trip in Hornvik Bay.

6 days
16 años
4-8 people

Difficult: Demanding
Total distance: 82 kms

This itinerary is a guide only and is subject to change depending on the weather, conditions and the ability of the group.

Pre-departure meeting
We meet at our base at Mávagarður C (grey building) close to the Eastern Harbour the day before departure at 5pm, where we will answer any questions and make final preparations.

Día 1
We depart from the harbour in Ísafjörður on our passenger ferry at 9am. We make our way to the abandoned village of Hesteyri. We have now left the modern world behind and are entering a wonderland of sounds, from soothing streams to the whisper of the waves by the beach. We start our hike in Hesteyri and head for Hesteyrarskarð mountain pass. From there we start to make our way down the other side to sea level.
Overnight at Látrar.

Distance: 12.5 km.

Día 2

From Aðalvík we have the option of a big detour to the top of Straumnesfjall mountain to explore an abandoned radar station built in 1953 by the American army. They quickly figured out this was a pretty harsh place to live, so they abandoned the station in 1960. They might also have gotten tired of not seeing any enemies, ever. We will then head over to Fljótavík Cove that is characterised by a large lake that covers most of the valley floor and offers one of the best arctic char fishing in Iceland. We aim at camping near the long abandoned farm of Glúmsstaðir.

Distance: 15 km but the detour adds another 10 km.

Day 3

We will start the day hiking along the green banks of Fljótsvatn lake. The lake is beautiful and the mountain range on our left-hand side is impressive. We need to cross a few mountain passes to get across the mountain range separating us from our next destination, Hlöðuvík.
Overnight at the beautiful campsite on the beach.

Distance: 13 km.

Day 4

Today we head up a steep slope to the mountain ridge Skálakambur and follow a route marked with cairns towards the steep Atlaskarð (327 m) mountain pass. We will go around Mt. Kollur and from there start making our way towards Höfn in Hornvík, the heart of Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. This is a place of dramatic natural beauty and should not be missed out by anyone travelling in this area. It is necessary to spend more than one day at this awe-inspiring place so we will put up camp there for two nights. We have the luxury of having arrive to the very cozy camp that’s right on the beach. There we can enjoy the warm mess tent, make meals in the full blown kitchen and enjoy each other company.

Distancia: 12 km.

Day 5

Nothing compares to the beauty of Hornvík, surrounding are two of Iceland’s largest bird cliffs. Like the entire Hornstrandir area, Hornvík is very remote and is only accessible by boat or by foot. We leave most of our gear in camp and hike with light packs to Hornbjarg cliff where thousands of birds can be seen and the massive sculptures of mother nature make human beings feel very small and vulnerable. Many visitors state that the hike to Hornbjarg was the highlight of their Iceland trip. The trail is spectacular as it winds along the edge of the cliffs. Not too close though! At the end of the day we head back to the camp and enjoy a great dinner in our comfortable camp.

Distance: 16 km.

Day 6

Today we will pack our tents and gear, hit the trail and cross yet another mountain pass to get to Veiðileysufjörður fjord. After crossing the mountain range, we descend down to the coast again, following the beach for a while until we get to Meleyri. From there we will get picked up by a boat that will take us to Ísafjörður, back to civilization after almost a week in the wild. For those eager to wash off their hiking dust, a visit to Ísafjörður swimming pool is ideal. Others can relax, go out, eat and just enjoy the town.

Distance 12 km.

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Por qué reservar con nosotros

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La nieve es la hora del espectáculo en los fiordos occidentales

Escuchad, habitantes de climas más cálidos. Los inviernos de los fiordos occidentales os llaman y tenéis la oportunidad de experimentar cómo es, cómo suena y cómo se siente el frío helado. Los inviernos en los fiordos occidentales son hermosos, únicos y fabulosos, incluso para los que no quieren sentarse con una taza de chocolate caliente.

Rutas por las ciudades de los fiordos occidentales

Hornstrandir: donde los hogares se convirtieron en historia

Cuando los descendientes de los habitantes originales se instalan temporalmente cada verano en Hornstrandir, hay algo que decir sobre las raíces. Con el tiempo, uno se da cuenta de que son profundas. Esta garra más septentrional de los fiordos occidentales, un lugar bello pero implacable, fue abandonada a principios de los años 50, cuando los habitantes decidieron que ya no podían seguir viviendo en ella.

Excursiones por la naturaleza de Islandia

Historias de una cultura: el folclore de los fiordos occidentales

Entre las primeras zonas de Islandia colonizadas por los primeros colonos nórdicos, el folclore de los fiordos occidentales es el eco de antiguos sabios en una tierra nueva. Marca la estrecha relación entre las bondades de la naturaleza y el destino del hombre, el legado del mar y un terreno escarpado y remoto situado en climas extremos. Historias de monstruos marinos y


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