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Puffins: the ‘clowns of the sea’

Atlantic puffin pairs mate for life and share parental responsibilities. Small, sturdy and utterly unmistakeable, the Atlantic (a.k.a. common) puffin is a member of the auk family of sea birds that breeds in and around Iceland. Called ‘lundi’ in Icelandic, the bird, with its cute, waddling walk and penguin-like colours juxtaposed with a colourful beak

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Chasing the puffin party

The Atlantic puffin holds pride-of-place in Iceland, but especially in the Westfjords, that is able to boast of the largest sea bird cliffs and prettiest islands from where you can see them. A word of caution though: just because they are confident in body language and far from shy, it does not mean that they

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