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The following terms and conditions apply to all our requests and bookings, unless otherwise specifically agreed with us in writing. By making a booking with Wild Westfjords you implicitly agree that your booking with us is bound by our terms and conditions.

Wild Westfjords is a destination expert and specialises in tours and trips in the Westfjords region of Iceland.
We offer:
– local tour experiences for land visitors to the Westfjords
– cruise tours for ports in the Westfjords
– self-drive trips and private multi-day road trips with a focus on the Westfjords

Tour bookings are considered confirmed once paid for, and remain confirmed as long as all pending balance payments are made in a timely manner and a cancellation is not communicated by either party. The booking price is fixed in ISK (Icelandic kronas). After booking you will receive a formal booking confirmation from us with:
– The main tour details
– A booking number
– Meeting instructions
– Emergency phone contact information (for the tour day)

We reserve the right to cancel a tour reservation if payments are not made on time. Any such cancellations will be communicated to the customer by email. Partial refunds will be made as per the respective cancellation schedule of the tour, using the missed payment due date as the official cancellation date.

Payment at the dock is not accepted.

a) Shore Excursions operated by Arctic Shorex
A 20% non-refundable deposit payment is required for all Arctic Shorex operated shore excursions with the remaining payment to be made 30 days in advance. If a booking is made 60 days or less in advance of the tour, a full advance payment is required.

If the customer decides to cancel, the deposit will be forfeited. Proportionate refunds off the full tour amount after full payment has been made are determined as per the following fixed schedule:
– 60% refund if cancelled with at least 14 days notice
– 40% refund if cancelled with at least 7 days notice
– 20% refund if cancelled with at least 48 hours notice
– No refund is given for cancellation within 48 hours

Refunds following a customer cancellation will be processed promptly within a few business days after the cancellation is confirmed in writing by Arctic Shorex, with the refund ratio calculated from the date and time of receipt of the customer’s cancellation notification.

If the customer’s cruise ship cancel its port visit, the entire amount paid by the customer will be refunded. Refunds following a cruise ship cancellation will be processed promptly within a few business days after the scheduled cruise ship docking date. Only customers who still have a confirmed booking on the scheduled cruise ship docking date are entitled to a full refund.

If Arctic Shorex is forced to cancel the tour operation, the entire amount paid by the customer will be refunded. In case of partial tour cancellations we will offer a partial refund. Refunds following Arctic Shorex cancellation will be processed promptly within a few business days after the announcement of tour cancellation. Only customers who still have a confirmed booking at the time of announcement of tour cancellation are entitled to a refund. Under no circumstances is Arctic Shorex liable to further compensation than the full tour price paid.

Arctic Shorex takes confirmed bookings very seriously and only voluntarily cancels tours in cases such as unsafe weather conditions, legal requirements, vehicle breakdowns, staff illnesses, “force majeure” or any other logistical issues which make it impossible to operate a tour matching the experience indicated to the customer at the time of booking.

If Arctic Shorex operates a tour but fails to bring customers back to the dock on time, with the result that customers get left behind by their cruise and stranded in port, the entire amount paid for the tour by the affected customers will be refunded. Only customers who booked a tour which was scheduled for their respective cruise ship are entitled to a refund. Refunds following such mishaps will be processed promptly within a few business days after the tour date. Under no circumstances is Arctic Shorex liable to further compensation than the full tour price paid. Arctic Shorex is however always responsible for getting the customer back to the starting point of the tour.

Arctic Shorex takes great precautions to ensure customers always get back to the dock on time as per their tour schedule – we consider this our first priority when we operate shore excursions, and schedule our tours to finish no later than one hour before the last “all aboard”, and to demonstrate our commitment we therefore offer a full refund were this ever to happen (at the time of this writing we have never had an occurrence of our customers getting left behind by the cruise ship). For the sake of minimising your travel risk however, we highly recommend that you take out personal international travel insurance that covers any costs you might incur from getting stranded in a port.

b) Shore Excursions, Other Tours And Services operated by third party partners of Arctic Shorex
Shore excursions, other tours and services, and extras sold by Arctic Shorex but operated by our third party partners do in some cases have different policies in terms of deposit amounts, payment deadlines and cancellation schedules & terms. Such differences will be communicated to the customer before the first payment is submitted, or mutually agreed at any stage prior to the tour, else our general payment and cancellations terms from section a) apply.

Some of the third party partner operated tours which we offer are not tailored to cruise ship passengers, and therefore will most likely contain a mix of cruise ship and non-cruise ship passengers, and will not have tour timings tailored to cruise ship departures.

Itineraries and other details are published in good faith on our website. The information contained in Arctic Shorex’s brochures, itineraries, and website is, to the best of Arctic Shorex’s belief, correct at the date of publishing.
It is entirely your responsibility to make all necessary travel arrangements prior to your departure including obtaining proper identification as required by the local authorities, compliance with visa requirements, obtaining relevant medical advice and vaccinations, and a driving license valid for Iceland in case of a self-driving tour. Arctic Shorex accepts no responsibility whatsoever and you will not be entitled to a refund in the event that these matters are not dealt with prior to your departure, or if you are denied boarding or entry on any basis, including without limitation, improper documentation or failure to provide information.
Arctic Shorex accepts no responsibility whatsoever for your inability to participate in any part of the holiday or activity due to inadequate health and fitness levels or unsuitable clothing. Holiday participants are responsible for ensuring that they have the level of fitness and health required by the specific activity especially when involving outdoor adventure activities. Participants are also responsible for ensuring that they are suitably dressed in view of the weather and the activity. We recommend being prepared for unpredictable weather and bringing with you a good wind-proof/water-proof jacket, warm clothing, thermals and good shoes. Poorly dressed participants may, at Arctic Shorex’s sole discretion, be denied participation in activities where their lack of preparation might otherwise be deemed to endanger their own safety and/or the experience of other activity participants.
If Arctic Shorex is prevented (directly or indirectly) from performing any of its obligations under this agreement by any of the following reasons: act of god, strikes, trade disputes, fire, breakdowns, interruption of transport, government or political action, acts of war and terrorism, inclement weather, snow or icy conditions, conditions that are otherwise likely to be hazardous or dangerous, government travel warning or advice, real or perceived health risk, acts or omissions of a third party that prevents the holiday or the aspect of the holiday part being undertaken in accordance with your booking or for any other cause whatsoever outside Arctic Shorex’s reasonable control, Arctic Shorex will be under no liability whatsoever to you. In the event of any change, modification, cancellation, postponement or delay under this condition, you acknowledge that you will have no right of refund of the holiday price (whether in whole or in part) and no right to claim compensation for any injury, loss or damage or other additional expenses incurred by virtue of the change, modification, cancellation postponement or delay.
You accept that: a. Arctic Shorex sometimes acts as a booking agent for third party subcontractors and accepts no liability for the acts or omissions of those third party subcontractors; and b. Arctic Shorex will not be liable for any breach of any law by any participant on our tours.
In requesting and making a booking: a. You release Arctic Shorex and its officers, employees, agents, licensees, subcontractors, guides and other representatives (all of whom are collectively referred to as “Arctic Shorex, its employees, agents and suppliers”) from all financial or economic cost, liability, loss or damage or damage to or loss of your property incurred or suffered by you directly or indirectly during the course of the holiday. Arctic Shorex shall not be liable for personal injury, illness or death unless caused by the negligence or wrongful act of Arctic Shorex, its employees, agents and suppliers; and b. You waive any claims you have, or may at any time have, against Arctic Shorex, its employees, agents and suppliers and you agree not to make any claim against or seek any compensation from Arctic Shorex, its employees, agents and suppliers in respect of any personal injury, illness or death suffered by you (unless such death or personal injury is caused by the negligence of Arctic Shorex, its employees, agents and suppliers) or damage to or loss of property sustained by you as a result of your participation in the holiday. If, despite the release and waiver given under this condition, Arctic Shorex is found to be liable for damages to you, you agree that the maximum amount of such damages will be limited to the price paid for the holiday (provided that any losses relating to death or personal injury arising from the negligent acts of Arctic Shorex, its employees, agents and suppliers will not be limited). Any damages or compensation are further limited by the Warsaw Convention as amended by the Hague protocol 1955 (air), the Athens Convention 1974 (sea), and the Paris Convention 1962 (hotel accommodation). In the event that Arctic Shorex makes any payment to you in respect of any damages claim brought by or on your behalf, you must assign to us or our insurers, as Arctic Shorex requires, all your rights to pursue any third party and you must provide all reasonable cooperation to us and our insurers in relation to the pursuit of any claim.
This contract (including all matters arising from it) is exclusively subject to Icelandic law.
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