Westfjords Insights

Take the road less travelled around the Wild Westfjords

If you’re looking for an adventure off the beaten track and away from the tourist crowds, then the Westfjords region is made for you.

Less visited than the south and the ring road, the winding fjords and towering mountains offer something for everyone – some of the best hiking trails in Iceland, active adventures, wildlife and birds watching, discovering local cuisine and culture and more…

Here we’d like to share with you different ideas and recommendations for your trip, tell you stories of our offbeat escapes, and inspire you to come and travel with us!

Beaches in every hue

The beaches of the Westfjords tell their own story. Majestic, unexplored and different, it’s time you got acquainted with them. Sure, they aren’t the Bahamas or Hawaii, but the beaches

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Aldrei music festival

The sounds of the fjords

The music of Iceland is a famously celebrated mix of every genre you can imagine – with emphasis on folk and pop, as well as classical and contemporary music. Among

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A tasty twist

Alright then: chances are you have a vague idea about Iceland’s ‘crazy’ food culture that features some of the seemingly freakiest food on the planet. Allow us to stop you

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Forage for treats

The gorgeous Icelandic landscapes are more than just hiking, biking and swimming: they’re also delicious, if you know where to look. Grab a bucket or basket to hold your treasures

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Chasing the puffin party

The Atlantic puffin holds pride-of-place in Iceland, but especially in the Westfjords, that is able to boast of the largest sea bird cliffs and prettiest islands from where you can

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The Wild Westfjords at a glance

The stunning and mysterious Westfjords region is a large peninsula in northwest Iceland. It is one of the country’s administrative districts, with infrastructure including a regional police commissioner, court service,

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The call of the wild

Given the unique topography and climate, the wildlife of the Westfjords is of great interest to most visitors. Diverse species of birds, seals, whales, dolphins, and the Arctic fox are

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Sporting events of the Westfjords

Apart from the endless opportunities for hiking, biking, kayaking, and camping, there are specific sporting events that have become indispensable parts of the Westfjords calendar. The Fossavatan Ski Marathon The

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Isafjordur at a glance

Ísafjörður (often adapted as Isafjordur in other languages) is the name of the largest town and de-facto capital of the Westfjords region. The name loosely translates to “Iced fjord” because

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Peak the Westfjords

The often-demanding routes to the top of the region’s tallest mountains are best undertaken with the help of a guide. The Westfjords is already a beautiful and remote region, but

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The horse with five gaits

In solitary splendour the Icelandic horse has thrived and flourished since the first settlers brought their horses with them to Iceland over a thousand years ago. The unique Icelandic breed

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A bounty of blossoms

The ‘land of fire and ice’ doesn’t sound particularly rosy, perhaps, but there are few more lovely sights than an Icelandic meadow or valley in spring and summer. The volcanic

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Cruising the Westfjords

While most visitors visit the Westfjords on a road trip, there is something to be said for the timelessness of ocean travel. Visitors arriving by sea have arguably the most

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