Drinking in the Westfjords

The bars in the Westfjords are the perfect place not just to eat and drink but also to bond with the locals, experience the culture and get a feel of what life in the remote towns and villages is like.

Husid, Isafjordur

Said to be the best-loved bar in the Westfjords, it’s a cafe by day and a cozy bar post sunset. Dim lighting, wooden floors and ceiling beams add to the atmosphere. A large patio to enjoy a beer on a sunny afternoon, a dark backroom for football games and local bands playing on weekends makes it the perfect hangout.

Edinborg, Isafjordur

A restaurant and bar housed in a beautiful wooden building, Edinborg has a pretty good bar menu. In the summer, you can sit outside and enjoy fantastic views of the harbour and mountains.

Also home to the cultural centre of Isafjordur, the building hosts exhibits, concerts and assorted events all through the year. Páll Óskar, Iceland’s queer pop emperor, is amongst the popular artists to play here.
The parties can go on all night if the crowds are up to it. There is always something happening at Edinborg!

Dokkan Brugghus, Isafjordur

Old may well be gold, but it’s always a good idea to give the new a chance. Especially when the latest entrant on the bar circuit is a promising little set-up like the Dokkan.

Founded in 2017 when some locals decided that the Westfjords needed their own microbrewery, the first beer was made in the summer of 2018. The mountain-sourced water adds to the unique taste

There are four distinctive varieties – Blonde, Pale, Amber and IPA. Opt for the sampler tray if you want to try them all and take a peek behind the scenes to see the workings.

Vagninn, Flateyri

Located in the most gorgeous surroundings, by day this is a quiet little restaurant with several beers to choose from, free wi-fi and the perfect place for leisurely meals.
They serve some amazing Icelandic food with a unique touch of their own. Look out for the catch of the day or try the to-die-for lamb burger.

Come evening, the look and feels changes completely to accommodate live music and crowds. Live bands play on weekends in the summer well into the evenings and it is easy to lose track of time.

Only open during the summer, the opening hours are a bit random, so best to call them or check their facebook page before you visit.

So raise your glass and say Skál!

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