The Westfjords winds of romance: a proposal to remember

There are a million ways to pop the question to the love of your life. One way is to frequent the usual romantic capitals of the world; maybe London, Paris, Rome, or Casablanca; the other is to push the envelope a bit further and propose in a destination off the beaten track, like the Westfjords.

From the beaches to the waterfalls, the mountains or the islands, the hot pools or the endless grassy hikes. Any time could be the perfect time to pop the question in the Westfjords, where you’re always far from the madding crowd (though you may just have a puffin or two for company).

The cascade option

When you think of Westfjords waterfalls, you probably think of Dynjandi. There’s good reason for that, and we certainly recommend a visit (and it does famously look a bit like a bridal veil). But for the intimate act of ring-giving, you might like to consider your own private waterfall.

All over the Westfjords, you’ll find waterfalls that are less frequented and a little more “exclusive” – literally all over the place. There is hardly a fjord anywhere that doesn’t boast at least one impressive waterfall.

Depending on the time of year and time of day, even Buná waterfall, in walking distance from Isafjordur town, could be a great proposal spot; surrounded as it is by picturesque forest and commanding great views of the town and its fjord.

Whether it’s the so-called President’s waterfall, by the coast on the rough road to Hrafnseyri in Arnarfjordur, or the several towering cascades the enliven the senses in Alftafjordur’s Valagil canyon, you’re spoilt for choice.

We suggest your backpack contain a bottle of wine, some chocolate and the all-important ring. Don’t forget to take some great photos!

Bring on the ring at the beach

The thing with a region studded with fjords is that there’s a lot of coast. And when there’s a lot of coast, that usually means there are a lot of beaches. The Westfjords region is packed with them – ranging from the deservedly famous Raudasandur in the southern Westfjords, to the scenically unforgettable Holt near the village of Flateyri, you won’t struggle for a great location.

Isafjordur: the capital choice

It might be wise to stay within striking distance of a restaurant or bar (for that important glass of fizz), so why not consider popping the question in Isafjordur town?

The town is ringed by a coastal path, its huge avalanche barriers all have paths and benches on top (and views to die for), and its pretty old town district is among the most pleasant parts of any town in the country.

We might even suggest doing it on a kayak—were it not for the bone chilling prospect of accidentally dropping the ring in the fjord.

A hot pool and thou by my side

If your intended is a water lover, simply opt for one of the endless geothermal pools where you can relax and ask the question. From Heydalur near Isafjordur to Hellulaug along the southern coast of the Westfjords to Gvendarlaug in the Southern Strandir District to the two geothermal pools at Krosslaug in the vicinity of Birkimelur, your options are many.

A scenic proposal at sea

Nobody ever said you have to have your feet on Terra Firma when proposing. Whale watching, seal watching, bird watching, or en-route home from the amazing Hornstrandir nature reserve, there’s nowhere to run at sea…

The Peaks of romance

If you’re the outdoorsy kind, all you have to do is hike up to any of these amazing peaks to feel on top of the world. Just be sure to be well-prepared for the hike and not to leave the trail, because you don’t want to need a rescue on your special day!

Your options include: Kaldbakur (998 m) in the “Westfjords Alps”, Sauratindar (886 m) near the village of Sudavik, or Jokulbunga (925m)-the highest point of the Drangajokull glacier, the northernmost glacier in the country (pretty dangerous and not for the casual day hiker).

And you thought a proposal has only a few scripts for success? Not when the Westfjords are involved!

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