Isafjordur whale watching

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• A boat trip around Isafjordur with beautiful views of the fjord, surrounding mountains and the town
• Opportunities to abundant species of whales such as humpbacks, minke whales, dolphins and porpoises as well as diverse birdlife

2.5 hours
4 years
15-40 people

Join us on our fully fitted boat, where we depart from Isafjordur and journey out into the surrounding Isafjardardjup fjord. Here we will look out for the blows of distant whales, and our expert captain will take you as close as possible without causing any disturbance. The fjord is bursting with life, and there is the possibility of seeing humpback and minke whales, as well as dolphins and porpoises.

We will search for the humpback, as they are one of the few species of whale which flashes you their tail on a dive, an incredible sight to see! You are also likely to see the many puffins in the water which nest on nearby Vigur and Aedey islands.
On very rare occasions, orcas will also pass through the area. On our trip will be our experienced boat crew, and a guide to share with you their extensive knowledge of the local wildlife and area.

We will use our trips as an opportunity to add to the ongoing research on the whale population in the area, and guests are therefore encouraged to contribute to this by taking photos of the whales flukes (tails) for identification.

Please note
Whales are wild animals so we cannot guarantee that sightings but we try our best.

Preparation for the Tour

• Warm outdoor clothing. The boats are fully fitted, and have a warm interior. However, the best place for spotting whales will be standing outside, and therefore we suggest to bring layers to keep you warm!
• Waterproof jacket, and trousers if you have them.
• Hat and gloves.
• Sunglasses.
• Sunscreen.
• Don’t forget your camera!


• Boat tour
• Guidance

Not Included

• Overalls or extra clothing

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