Isafjordur Culture Walk


• Walking tour with a local guide
• Insight into history, local culture, folklore, cuisine and industry
• Optional: A tasting of local specialities
• Optional: Learning more about local handcraft
• Optional: Beer tasting at the local microbrewery

2 hours

We start the tour from the local fish shop and walk along the outer harbour to the backstreets with charming wooden houses steeped in history. We learn about life in the old days, the economy and fishing industry and stories from folklore.

We then head out for a view over the beautiful Isafjordur Bay to get acquainted with the region and surrounding fjords before continuing our walk past the music school to the Haestikaupstadur area where we discuss the settlement of Iceland and Isafjordur.

There is a 10-minute break at the town square where you will get to know more about Icelandic cuisine, the coffee and cake culture, and local craft. You can also visit the bakery or one of the craft shops to take a look at Icelandic wool and knitwear.

We then continue past the grand Edinborg house to Nedstikaupstadur, a heritage area with the oldest timber buildings in Iceland and the Westfjords Heritage Museum. Beyond the old houses, you have a gorgeous view of the fjord.

Your guide will then walk you back to your ship and will be happy to answer any questions or help you with what you can do for the rest of your time in port.

We can also customise this tour in a variety of ways, including:
– A tasting of local specialities
– Learning more about local handcraft
– Visiting the local microbrewery
Or anything else of special interest.

We recommend strollers and/or buggies for children under the age of 6.

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Why Book with Us

• Pickup and dropoff from the port
• 100% refund if your ship does not dock
• Customisable tour with a local guide

On exciting turf: the turf roofed houses in the Westfjords 

Like any committed culture vulture will have you know, the architecture of a region tells multiple stories on a singular platform: stories of survival and ingenuity, of making the most of the raw materials available in that geography and time, of progress and hope and of man’s eternal quest to make himself a little more

Pools of joy: The hot springs of Westfjords

“A spring of naturally hot water, typically heated by subterranean volcanic activity.” That’s what the dictionary says.  All good so far, except there’s no definition to adequately explain how much of a coveted experience they actually are, especially in the Westfjords, Iceland. They’re where visitors like to unwind, take a dip, relax, laugh, swim and generally

Of Collectors’ items & curious memories: The museums of the Westfjords 

To think of museums simply as places to see collections of old items is to miss the point. Museums are much more than that, especially the ones in the Westfjords.  A fine mix of history and folklore, art and heart, craft and culture, and above all, a crucible of human ingenuity in an environmentally extreme


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