Latrabjarg & Raudasandur Biking

Iceland self-drive tours


Drive from Patreksfjodur to the scenic Latrabjarg cliffs

Latrabjarg Cliffs, highest birding cliff, specifically spotting puffins and seals

Cycling to Heritage Museum in Hnjotur

Raudasandur, famous red tinted sand beach 

8 hours

We begin our tour from Patreksfjodur to the scenic Latrabjarg cliffs where you will find yourselves surrounded by white sand beaches and turquoise sea view which is characteristic to the Southern Westfjords. Latrabjarg, the western most point of Europe features a 14 km long and 440m high bird cliff, it is the largest seabird colony in the Northern Atlantic. It is home to over millions of birds, of different species, specifically the puffins. It is an exceptional place to photograph seabirds and spot rare grey seals lying under cliffs. 

Continuing, we will cycle to the Heritage museum in Hnjotur where we will learn about the history, culture and lifestyle of the local Icelandic people. It has a great collection of aeronautical and farming equipment and other shipping artefacts that give insight into the history of the country, especially Latrabjarg. 

From there we enjoy a bike ride towards the colossal red tinted beach of Raudasandur. The black cliffs, blue sea view and the red sand offer a stunning landscape making it one of the most famous beaches in Iceland. 

This trip offers an intimate encounter with untouched nature, panoramic views, incredible birdlife, a taste of Icelandic culture and the thrill of speed and action. 


This trip includes admission fee to the Heritage Museum and safety gear while biking. 

Bird season is from mid-April to mid-August.



Wear comfortable warm clothing. It is recommended to carry a backpack, water bottle and wear light shoes.    


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