Your journey to Isafjordur takes you past the uninhabited Hornstrandir Nature Reserve and the beautiful Jokulfirdir glacier fjords. You will also get a glimpse of the fishing town of Bolungarvik at the mouth of the Isafjordur Bay.

Nestled in between the sheltering mountains of the Skutulsfjordur fjord, Isafjordur is the gateway to the wild and offbeat Westfjords.
A local poem describes it as embraced by blue mountains, and it is indeed one of the most picturesque townsites in Iceland.

The town was settled as a trading post in the 16th century but grew with the salt fish industry in the 19th century and is today home to approximately 2600 people.
The backstreets are steeped in history and host Iceland’s oldest cluster of houses dating back to the late 18th century. Our culture walk is a delightful tour of the town with insight into the history, culture, traditions and lives of people.

The magnificent Dynjandi waterfall is a major highlight of the region and our most popular shore excursion from Isafjordur.
But if you would like to get away from the crowds, there is no dearth of awe-inspiring landscape and offbeat surprises in the surrounding fjords and fishing villages.

Day Tours

Westfjords Fox Watching

Take a tour to get up close and personal with the arctic fox in the wilderness around Isafjordur!

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Day Tours

Isafjordur whale watching

An afternoon out on the Isafjordur Bay to look for whales and birdlife, and enjoy the scenic views!

Multi-Day Tours

Midnight Sun & Arctic Foxes

Visit Hornstrandir to experience the midnight sun, learn about and feel the history of the area and see the arctic fox in its natural environment.

Multi-Day Tours

Paddle in the Wild Kayaking

A challenging kayaking adventure to the uninhabited Jokulfirdir glacial fjords in Hornstrandir and the beautiful Isafjardardjup Bay.

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Day Tours

Hornstrandir Panorama Hike

A challenging hike with panoramic views of the fjord landscapes and the only glacier in the Westfjords!

Iceland wildlife tours
Day Tours

Isafjordur kayaking

An easy paddle beneath the magnificent mountains that tower over Isafjordur!

Iceland adventure tours
Day Tours

Onundarfjordur kayaking

Discover secret coves, secluded beaches and wildlife in one of the most beautiful fjords!

Iceland nature tours
Cruise Tours

Westfjords Villages

Take a tour of Isafjordur and its surrounding villages and fjords – Flateyri in Onundarfjordur, Bolungarvik or the Sudureyri seafood trail!

Iceland adventure tours
Cruise Tours

Isafjordur Culture Walk

Explore the charming streets of Isafjordur to get acquainted with the unique culture of the Westfjords and Iceland.

Isafjardardjup Bay

A scenic drive through the fjords of Isafjardardjup with incredible views of silent fjords and towering mountains, and a close up view of a seal colony.

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Cruise Tours

Bolafjall Mountain, Osvor & Bolungarvik

Ascend to the Bolafjall mountain for some of the best views in Iceland, visit the fishing village of Bolungarvik and go back in time at the charming Osvor Museum.

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